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avocado: budwood
Attribute Cadway Cado Hass
#1 - Flavor - most important Noticably better than Hass Very good
#2 - fruit size Medium Medium
#3 - Skin thickness Medium thick thick
#4 - Seed size Varies by pollinator Varies by pollinator
#5 - Seed coat Slippery Flesh sometimes sticks to seed
#6 - Skin peel peels easily peels easily
#7 - Flesh turns brown turns brown slowly turns brown quickly
#8 - Ripening color green with brown speckles turns dark brown/black
#9 - tree growth Fast growth - gets big fast Medium growth
#10 - Type - A or B B type A type
#11 - Strings in flesh none none
#12 - Tree shape X-mas tree shape Spraling
#13 - Fruit protection from sun Hides fruit under leaves Many fruit lost to sunburn
#14 - productivity Very productive for a B type, but less productive than Hass Very productive - excellent
#15 - Picking from tree Pull at angle leaves nub on fruit Nubs are frequently pulled from fruit
#16 - When to pick Feb to Sept April to August
#17 - Oil level A little less than Hass Good oil level
#18 - Alternate bearing More alternate bearing than Hass Alternate bearing sensitive to weather conditions
#19- Skin grittiness More gritty than Hass later in season very little grittiness
#20 - Flesh color Nice green and yellow gradient Nice green and yellow gradient
#21 - Pollination Excellent pollinator. Will increase A type production, (Hass) and give great quality fruit as well. Good pollinator in general

Cadway Cado






a or b

productivity - effect of sun - sunburn on fruit, hiding under leaves - alternate bearing

seed size and coat

Stem - removal from tree - breaks leaving stub - stub break brown after ripening - cutting stem

fruit color - oxidation time - pretty, apetizing, - pale? - gradient -

ripening, how long on tree - hang time - - how long on counter, in frig

skin - color - brittle - priable - pealing - thickness - bumpy smooth - protection from rats - grit -

pollination - temperature - a or b - morning female - rain, bees sleeping - knats flys, other bugs, hand

strings - location - thicker as fruit is larger - texture

picking time - oil level as maturing - watery - when edible - dropping off tree at maturity

time on tree - storage on tree -

tree shape - xmas - spraling - hiding fruit, protection - trunk sunburn - stem sunburn - drooping -vigorous growth - slow growth - removing twigs branches to let the sun in.

varieties ripening overlapping for steady flow of fruit

Soil - drainage, compost, bark mulch

Scions - new growth, soft - bud and cleft grafting -

shipping - commercial - backyard

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