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About Us:
Research and Development

New ideas and product development can take years and sometimes decades.

For example: the cell phone has evolved over 30 years from a rectangular box with limited range to a tiny computer that fits in your pocket communicating globally.

R&D is the life blood of our society and our future.

Our Creations
Firstly, we determine a need. Then we consider feasibility. When a new idea is feasible, we do our research and then work on developing the idea to become its most advanced form. It takes much more time to perfect it before release, but first on the market is only great when it can't be immediately improved upon by a competitor.
Rich Black Soil
Rich Black Soil - all you need or want - FREE. Feed your plants super food!
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The focus of our R&D:
Enhancing todays food with organics for better taste and health
Cat food and litter box products for a happier cat and healthier air
Fruit Tree growing for new varieties, processes, and rich black soil
Electricity austrity using residential solar power plants and backup batteries
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