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A Research and Development Company
The focus of our R&D:
Enhancing todays food with organics for better taste and health
Cat food and litter box products for a happier cat and healthier air
Fruit Tree growing for new varieties, processes, and rich black soil
Electricity austrity using residential solar power plants and backup batteries
So Easy Guacamole

Our goal after many years of R&D has always been to make the best tasting, healthiest, and "easy to make" guacamole.

We began our journey by trying the most popular recipes available to see what our favorites were and how that compared to others opinions. This gave us our goal for taste.

Taste varies with ingredients as well as the variety of avocado and the quality of the avocado. To have a constant supply of fresh avocados and to test the various varieties we grow our own trees and harvest our own fruit right on our premises.

After hundreds of tests, we have finally created the easiest to make great tasting guacamole.

Due to the enormous expense and time involved we decided to offer a subscription to our recipes at a very low price - so low that you can't refuse!

And, our recipe is not online. We did the research and the development, so you will be first in line.

Add - smoothie with fresh fruit - also without milk - cherry stuff

easy way to eat an Oro Blanco (or other) grapefruit


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Cat Products
The Litter Box Goes Outside!

Kittens and cats are one of the top pets people own. The pet market is massive and therefore we decided to create a product that no one has seen before.

After years of R&D we have our product - the cat litter "outbox". It is an out house (litter box) for indoor cats.

Owners of indoor only cats must use at least 1 litter box. Indoor litter box issues include having litter dust in the air you breathe, litter tracked on the floor, and let's not forget the stink! The only way to resolve all those issues is to move the litter box outside - and that is exactly what we did.

Some of the problems we needed to solve were:

  • Placement
  • Access by the cat - unattended
  • Easy to clean
  • No access by critters and insects
  • Weather resistant - Also, home weather sealed

Our "Litter OutBox" plans show you how to install a door in the wall that seals out the weather and is cat operated. You will see how to locate the litter outbox and how to connect it to the door way. All of the items needed are available nation wide, but all installations will vary due to the varying of homes. Plans are available now for the DIY handyman homeowner.

cats are finiky eaters - cat food hair ball report

out door cats for rat control - does it work - barn cats etc.


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Fruit Tree Products
Rich Black Soil

After many years of testing, our rich black soil has proven itself to grow all types of citrus, avocado, and stone fruit trees. Planting soils are selling for around $4 / cubic ft.

Our process shows you how to make tons of rich black soil for Free! Our step by step instructions tell you where to get the ingredients free and the simple way to mix and use it.

Good soil needs the following:

  • Good drainage
  • Able to absorb and hold moisture
  • Nutrients that last for plant growth
  • Good workability
  • Aeration
  • Not burn plants
  • Organic nitrogen, phosphate, & potash

Why the guide is not free:

We put a lot of time and work into developing and testing Rich Black Soil™. Unique Dynamics, Inc. needs income to prosper and create new products, so we decided to offer "Rich Black Soil" access for a super low price. There are lots of free writings on the net, but many are untrustworthy. For a small price, less than (2 bags of mulch) you will be able to make 1000 bags + of Rich Black Soil™! And have access to many new and special money saving ideas.

varieties I recommend you grow

cadway cado scions for sale on Amazon

Cherimoya tree for sale - avocado tree for sale - local

R&D done on drip system


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Minimize your electric bill
Screw The Electric Company!

Squeeze your electric bill close to zero! Yes, it can be done in many parts of the country. You are not likely to get to zero because most electric companies charge a connection fee or other mandatory fee each month.

Still, you can really squeeze your bill close to zero using a solar system and the many tricks I disclose to you in our new report. Sales people from solar companies are motivated by commissions and what is worse, most don't know anything beyond the basics to sell the system. We teach you what they don't - it is a 20 year investment - invest in knowing before buying a solar system, so you are not pissed at yourself for the next 20 years!

You will learn this:

  • The basics of electricity - what is a watt
  • Electric company plans - TOU (time of use)
  • Micro inverters or string inverters - which is best for you
  • What is clipping
  • How big of a system do you need - how to determine
  • Roof mounted and stand alone - one over the other
  • Grid mounted and/or off grid
  • Types of roofing and costs
  • Battery backup systems - Best brand for you and why
  • How to AC your home using a battery backup system
  • If you also have natural gas, how to use solar to reduce the use of gas and lower your gas bill
  • How to create clean water from solar in case of a disaster. This alone can save your life in arid areas.
  • How to maximize your disaster proofing of your solar system and keep your important appliances running.
  • How to run your entire home on a backup battery.

Why the guide is not free:

Being a research and development company, Unique Dynamics, Inc. invests lots of time and money to help those who value new and exciting products. We must charge for our work or we will not survive to create future products. Investing in us is investing in your future for the benefit of all.


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