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A Research and Development Company
The focus of our R&D:
Enhancing todays food with organics for better taste and health
Cat food and litter box products for a happier cat and healthier air
Fruit Tree growing for new varieties, processes, and rich black soil
Electricity austrity using residential solar power plants and backup batteries
The "Fruit" of our R&D:
So Easy Guacamole
Check out the best in the universe quacamole recipe - so easy even Biden could make it!
cat outbox outhouse
The Litter Box Goes Outside!
Announcing the litter "OutBox" for your indoor cat. No Stink Ever! Guaranteed!
Rich Black Soil
Rich Black Soil - all you need or want - FREE. Feed your plants super food!
Screw The Electric Company!
Learn how to squeeze every last bit of electricity from your solar system and drop your bill low, or to zero, or to cash flow for you from the power company. Do I know what I'm talking about? This picture is from my August 16, 2022 bill!
Don't Be Afraid
Come out of the box with R&D from Unique Dynamics, Inc.